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RISIN Technology Incorporation (RISINTECH) is a touch control IC company founded in 2007 in Taiwan. We provide cutting-edge total solutions to customers for chips, module boards to be fit in the needs for various system design and platforms. Our hardware, firmware and driver engineers have dedicated in related fields for more than ten years and we are specialized in touch controller technologies including resistive, capacitive and Infrared (IR) integration.

Our touch controllers can be used in various computer products such as desktops, laptop computers, Point of Sales (POS) automatic machines, PDAs, digital cameras, and GPS devices. Currently many leading companies worldwide choose touch controllers of RISINTECH to enhance their products.

RISINTECH also provides customized design service for special application fields. Our analog resistive touch controller IC is adaptive for many resistive touch panel makers. The product can auto detect 5-wires and 4-wires pin assignment and work smoothly.

RISINTECH products have been applied in multiple devices and systems such as Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC), POS, Kiosk, GPS, digital photo frame, Industrial Portable Computer (IPC), military computers and so on.


瑞芯電子公司(RISINTECH)於2007年在台灣成立,主要產品為觸控IC與模組。我們提供先進的整體解決方案,本公司的觸控IC與模組可適用於各 種不同的作業系統與硬體平台。我們的硬體、韌體及驅動程式的工程師們已在相關領域具備超過10年的專業經驗。

我們的觸控IC技術包括對電阻式,電容式和紅外線(IR)式的面板支援,可用於各種產品,如桌上型電腦、筆記型電腦、銷售點終端(POS)系統、工業用電 腦(IPC)、掌上型電腦,數位相機和GPS裝置等。目前許多全球領先的公司選擇RISINTECH的觸控IC,附加了他們的產品價值。

RISINTECH也為特殊應用領域提供客製化設計服務,我們的模擬電阻式控制器IC可以自動檢測五線和四線不同腳位分配,可搭配許多電阻式觸控面板製造 商的產品。

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